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Paulina Jaskiewicz
Director, Producer

Paulina is a Polish-born filmmaker who relocated to the United States in 2018, driven by ambitious aspirations.
She graduated from SUNY WCC with a degree in digital
filmmaking and got accepted to NYU Tisch for TV and Film.
In 2021, she directed and produced an award-winning short
documentary called "Wide Open Dreams”. Her film was officially selected to Oscar and BAFTA qualifying film festivals and was also supported by Red Hour production company owned by Ben Stiller.
Currently, she works as production assistant and associate producer. She has worked on various projects for major studios including Netflix, Lionsgate, Paramount, Warner Bros, and Universal.
Throughout her career, Paulina's filmmaking endeavors have consistently centered around the portrayal of strong female characters and addressing social impact issues.
She is also a three-time Polish Handball Champion and played in the Junior National Team of Poland.

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